Ramadan 2019

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Palestinins who live in the costal enclave are under attack by the israli occupation forces. For more than a decade, the life of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip has been deeply impacted by he effects of an Israeli-imposed blokade on Gaza`s coast and the border crossings to Gaza. The protests, then, also highlight what the United Nations (UN) warned in January 2019; a growing humanitarian crisis has brought the area to the brink of collapse. Many in the international community are unaware og the urgent humanitarian crisis that has brought the Gaza Strip to a dire tipping point. In the densely populated Gaza Strip, explosions echoed every single minute that shaking buildings and lighting the besieged coastal enclave. The Israeli warplanes hit several targets in the last few hours, including Governmental institutions, car driving School, residential building, agricultural lands, resitsances sites.



++There is no immediate confirmation or comment yet on Egyptian-brokered ceasefire. The Israeli occupation raids on Gaza are still ongoing.
Due to the urgent humanitarian crisis in gaza Strip and the collapse of the Gazan`s economic situation where many people are struggling to keep surviving and they are in a mass need for help specially after the Israeli escalation and the several airstrikes lunched against Haza Strip. Nour el Marifa Association and WWR-Help. WorldWide Resistance-Help e.V. calling on the local and internatinal NGOs to help Palestinian refugees living in Gaza Strip with this urgent intervention of providing urgent food parcels & urgent assistance to the most needy, vulnerable and affected families in Gaza.


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