WWR-Help. WorldWide Resistance-Help e.V. Razzia am 10.04.2019

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Liebe Mitglieder, Unterstützer und Freunde!

Wie ihr sicherlich in der vergangenen Woche den nationalen und teilweise internationalen Medienberichten entnehmen konntet, ist unser Verein WWR-Help. WorldWide Resistance-Help e.V. das Opfer einer großangelegten Ermittlungskampagne im Rahmen der sog. „Terrorismusbekämpfung“ geworden. Veranlasst wurde diese „Aktion“ durch das Bundesministerium des Inneren unter Leitung des Bundesministers Herrn Seehofer. Es kam am Mittwoch 10. April zu zahlreichen bundesweiten Razzien und Hausdurchsuchungen. Hiervon waren auch Mitglieder unseres Vereins massiv betroffen! Der -dubiose!- Vorwurf in den diversen gerichtlichen Durchsuchungsbeschlüssen lautet u.a. „(Verdacht auf) Unterstützung einer (islamistischen) terroristischen Vereinigung“! Diese Ermittlungen und die daraus resultierenden verleumderischen -bundesweiten!- Medienberichte können weitreichende negative Folgen für den Verein und die betroffenen Mitglieder haben!

Wir bitten jetzt alle Unterstützer und Freunde des WWR-Help. WorldWide Resistance-Help e.V. ganz eindringlich um Unterstützung und SOLIDARITÄT!!!

WWR-Help WorldWide Resistance-Help e.V. hat NIEMALS „terroristische“ oder „extremistische“ Organisationen oder Personen unterstützt oder gefördert und lehnt solches Vorgehen auch vehement ab!

Unser einziges Ziel war und ist -gemäß unserer Gemeinnützigkeits- und Neutralitätsverpflichtung in unserer Satzung- notleidenden Menschen DIREKT mit Sach- und Geldspenden zu helfen, unabhängig von Nationalität, Etnie, Religion, dieser Hilfsbedürftigen.

(Siehe auch die als „offener Brief“ veröffentlichte Resolution der Mitgliederversammlung WWR-Help. WorldWide Resistance-Help e.V. vom 15. Dezember 2018)

Wir sind Opfer einer dubios konstruierten Verleumdungskampagne geworden!

Bitte unterstützt uns jetzt und zieht euch aufgrund dieser Verleumdungen nicht als Freund und Unterstützer des WWR-Help. WorldWide Resistance-Help e.V. zurück! Bekundet massenhaft auch eure Solidarität mit WWR-Help. WorldWide Resistance-Help e.V. öffentlich in allen euch zugänglichen Medien!

Nur so können wir es schaffen auch außerhalb des von uns einzuschlagenden Rechtsweges die Vorwürfe gegen WWR-Help. WorldWide Resistance-Help e.V. als gegenstandslos zu neutralisieren!

DANKE für eure Hilfe und Unterstützung!!!

WWR-Help. WorldWide Resistance Help e.V.

Der Vorstand

Dear members, supporters and friends!

As you surely could see from last week’snational and partly international mediareports, our association WWR-Help. WorldWide Resistance-Help e. V. has become the victim of a large-scale investigationcampaign within the framework of the so-called „Fight against terrorism“.
Initiated by the Federal Ministry of theInterior under the direction of the FederalMinister Mr Seehofer. On Wednesday, April 10, there were numerous raids and house searches throughout Germany.
Members of our association were also massively affected by this!
The -dubiose!- accusation in the various judicial search decisions is „(suspicion of) support of an (Islamist) terrorist
These investigations and the resulting defamatory – nationwide!- media reports can have far- reaching negative consequences for the association and the members concerned!

Now we ask all supporters and friends of the WWR-Help. WorldWide Resistance-Help e.V. urgently for support and SOLIDARITY!!

WWR-Help. WorldWide Resistance-Help e.V. has NEVER contacted, supported or promoted “terrorist“; or “extremist“ organizations or persons and vehemently rejects such action!
Our only goal was and is – according to our non-profit and neutrality obligation in our statute – to help needy people DIRECTLY with donations in kind and money, independent of nationality, ethnicity, religion,
of these needy people. (See also the resolution of the General Assembly WWR-Help of 15 December 2018 published in our medias as an „open letter“

We are victims of a dubiously constructed slander campaign!

Please support us now and don’t retreat as a friend and supporter of the WWR-Help because of this slander! Express your solidarity with WWR-Help. WorldWide Resistance-Help e.V. publicly in all media accessible to you! Strongly criticize the unreflected approach of the authorities and media!
Only in this way can we manage to neutralize the accusations against WWR-Help. WorldWide Resistance-Help e.V. as irrelevant even outside the legal process to be taken by us!

THANK YOU for your help and support!!!
WWR-Help. WorldWide Resistance Help e.V.

The Executive Board


Ramadan 2019

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Palestinins who live in the costal enclave are under attack by the israli occupation forces. For more than a decade, the life of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip has been deeply impacted by he effects of an Israeli-imposed blokade on Gaza`s coast and the border crossings to Gaza. The protests, then, also highlight what the United Nations (UN) warned in January 2019; a growing humanitarian crisis has brought the area to the brink of collapse. Many in the international community are unaware og the urgent humanitarian crisis that has brought the Gaza Strip to a dire tipping point. In the densely populated Gaza Strip, explosions echoed every single minute that shaking buildings and lighting the besieged coastal enclave. The Israeli warplanes hit several targets in the last few hours, including Governmental institutions, car driving School, residential building, agricultural lands, resitsances sites.



++There is no immediate confirmation or comment yet on Egyptian-brokered ceasefire. The Israeli occupation raids on Gaza are still ongoing.
Due to the urgent humanitarian crisis in gaza Strip and the collapse of the Gazan`s economic situation where many people are struggling to keep surviving and they are in a mass need for help specially after the Israeli escalation and the several airstrikes lunched against Haza Strip. Nour el Marifa Association and WWR-Help. WorldWide Resistance-Help e.V. calling on the local and internatinal NGOs to help Palestinian refugees living in Gaza Strip with this urgent intervention of providing urgent food parcels & urgent assistance to the most needy, vulnerable and affected families in Gaza.



Resolution of the General Assembly of the WWR-Help. WorldWide Resistance-Help e.V. on 15.12.2018 as an open letter

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Resolution of the General Assembly of the

WWR-Help. WorldWide Resistance-Help e.V.
on 15.12.2018
as an open letter



The ordinary general meeting of the association
WWR-Help. WorldWide Resistance-Help e.V.
adopts the following resolution:


  1. It is emphasized that the association is politically, religiously, ethnically neutral in all respects according to its statute §1 Nr.3.


  1. The purposes of the association (§1 No. 5) are exclusively social nature. The work of the association is limited to direct and humanitarian aid to needy and distressed people in crisis areas, i.a. by donating money and material donations.


  1. Insofar as cooperation with other socially active and humanitarian / nonprofit organizations seems necessary and sensible for this work of the Association, the possibility of such cooperation shall be scrutinized to ensure that the purposes and objectives of the organizations, groups, individuals eligible for cooperation do not exist statutory purposes and objectives of the WWR-Help. WorldWide Resistance-Help e.V.


  1. In particular WWR-Help. WorldWide Resistance-Help e.V. does not grant or provide any help and support to organizations, groups, individuals whose primary purposes and objectives are political, religious, military or paramilitary or in any way demonstrably extremist.


  1. WWR-Help. WorldWide Resistance-Help e.V. does not tolerate any propaganda of political or religious or / and extremist content in its official and public media. Insofar as such entries appear in the publicly accessible media of the association, these will be displayed after inspection by the executive board / resp. deleted by the respective media administrator. The author of such a contribution is reminded on the part of the board on the base of his entry, in case of recurrence excluded from the possibility of publication in association media. If the author is a regular member of the association, there is also the possibility of a membership exclusion procedure, insofar as it is a clear violation of the articles of association in the event of a repeat offense.


  1. WWR-Help. WorldWide Resistance-Help eV. dissociates itself clearly from groups, organizations, individuals who do not conform to the general human rights (UN – „AEMR“) and / or the constitutional law of the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG – „FDGO“) in their own representation and action


  1. The association WWR-Help. WorldWide Resistance-Help e.V. is not responsible for and has no influence on the publication of content by groups, organizations, individuals outside the official club media. If the content of such publications is the name or content of the association WWR-Help. WorldWide Resistance-Help e.V., the association’s board must have an authorization for publication. If this is not the case, the association WWR-Help WorldWide Resistance Help e.V. reserves legal action against the author before.


We are NO extremists / salafists / terrorists !!!

And also we are NOT

anti-Semitc / anti-Jewish, anti-Islamic, anti christian, antidemocratic!
All we want and do is to help other people in need !!!

Regardless of nationality / religion / ideology / ethnicity!


Neuss, Germany, 2018-12-15

WWR-Help. WorldWide Resistance Help e.V.







Aufgrund der aktuellen und fortdauernden Anfeindungen gegen den Verein WWR-Help. WorldWide Resistance-Help e.V. beschließt die ordentliche Mitgliederversammlung des Vereins am 15.12.2018 die Veröffentlichung dieser Resolution als „offenen Brief“.

Geschrieben von:

Resolution der Mitgliederversammlung des

WWR-Help. WorldWide Resistance-Help e.V.

am 15.12.2018

als offener Brief


Vertreten durch den Vorstand:
Janine Abuayyash
Volmerswerther Straße 16
41468 Neuss


Die ordentliche Mitgliederversammlung des Vereins

WWR-Help. WorldWide Resistance-Help e.V.
beschließt folgende Resolution


  1. Es wird betont dass der Verein gemäß seiner Satzung 1 Nr.3 in jeder Hinsicht politisch, religiös, ethnisch neutral ist.
  2. Die Zwecke des Vereins (§1 Nr.5) sind ausschließlich sozialer Natur. Die Arbeit des Vereins beschränkt sich auf die direkte und humanitäre Hilfe an bedürftige und in Not geratene Menschen in Krisengebieten, u.a. durch die Zuwendung von Geld- und Sachspenden.
  3. Sofern für diese Arbeit des Vereins eine Zusammenarbeit mit anderen sozial aktiven und humanitären/gemeinnützigen Organisationen notwendig und sinnvoll erscheint, wird die Möglichkeit einer solchen Zusammenarbeit genauestens daraufhin überprüft, ob die Zwecke und Ziele der für eine Zusammenarbeit infrage kommenden Organisationen, Gruppen, Einzelpersonen nicht den satzungsgemäßen Zwecken und Zielen des WWR-Help. WorldWide Resistance-Help e.V.
  4. Insbesondere gewährt WWR-Help. WorldWide Resistance-Help e.V. keinerlei Hilfe und Unterstützung an Organisationen, Gruppen, Einzelpersonen, deren hauptsächliche Zwecke und Ziele politischer, religiöser, militärischer oder paramilitärischer oder in irgendeiner Art und Weise nachweislich extremistischer Natur sind.
  5. WWR-Help. WorldWide Resistance-Help e.V. duldet in seinen offiziellen und öffentlichen Medien auch keinerlei Propaganda politischen oder religiösen oder/und extremistischen Inhalts. Sofern in den öffentlich zugänglichen Medien des Vereins derartige Einträge auftauchen, werden diese nach Inaugenscheinnahme durch den Vorstand/bzw. den jeweiligen Medienadministrator gelöscht. Der/die Verfasser/in eines solchen Beitrages wird seitens des Vorstandes aufgrund seines Eintrages gemahnt, im Wiederholungsfall von der Möglichkeit der Publikation in Vereinsmedien ausgeschlossen. Handelt es sich bei dem Verfasser/der Verfasserin um ein reguläres Vereinsmitglied besteht hier auch die Möglichkeit eines Mitgliedschaftsausschlussverfahrens, sofern es sich um eindeutige Satzungsverstöße im Wiederholungsfall handelt.
  1. WWR-Help. WorldWide Resistance-Help e.V. distanziert sich in aller Deutlichkeit von Gruppen, Organisationen, Einzelpersonen, die in ihrer Eigendarstellung und Handlungsweise nicht den allgemeinen Menschenrechten (UNO – „AEMR“) und/oder dem Verfassungsrecht der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (BRD – „FDGO“) entsprechen.
  2. Der Verein WWR-Help. WorldWide Resistance-Help e.V. ist nicht verantwortlich für und übt keinen Einfluss auf die Publikation von Inhalten durch Gruppen, Organisationen, Einzelpersonen außerhalb der offiziellen Vereinsmedien aus. Sofern Inhalte solcher Publikationen namentlich oder inhaltlich den Verein WWR-Help. WorldWide Resistance-Help e.V. betreffen, muss seitens des Vereinsvorstandes eine Autorisierung zur Veröffentlichung vorliegen. Ist dies nicht der Fall, behält sich der Verein WWR-Help. WorldWide Resistance-Help e.V. rechtliche Schritte gegen den/die Autor/in vor.


Wir sind KEINE Extremisten / Salafisten / Terroristen!!!

Wir sind auch nicht

antisemitisch / antijüdisch, antiislamisch, antichristristlich, antidemokratisch!

Alles was wir wollen und tun, ist anderen Menschen in Not zu helfen!!! Unabhängig von Nationalität / Religion / Ideologie / ethnischer Zugehörigkeit!


Neuss, Deutschland, den 15.12.2018

WWR-Help. WorldWideResistance Help e.V.






Shorouq Abdelnasser Alhajjar

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Shorouq Abdelnasser Alhajjar

Shorouq Al Hajjar, am a graduate of English language BA, and I am a youth activist since 6 years,
carrying out activities and campaigning for youth concerns including good governance.

I studied Business Administration at the United States in Indiana University.
Then I came back to Gaza Strip to serve my people through my work
with the NGO & INGOs dreaming to make tomorrow better.

I worked as projects manager for many years.

Then I moved to work as Gaza office manager of WWR-Help. e.V.
Believing in our „mission“ serving all the needy peopleand alleviating
the suffering of all vulnerable groups.

We have in the Gaza’s community contribute in promoting peace
in the Palestinian community.

And finally am doing my MA
in the Translation studies to achieve my goal which is conveying
the truth about the Palestinian case to the whole entire world looking forward
a better future for us and for our children in Palestine.



Gaza Diary – Haseeb Asghar

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Gaza Diary – Haseeb Asghar

Palestine is that land that lies between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River in western Asia. Along with Egypt, Syria and Arabia, Palestine is in a strategic location and is the birthplace of the Abrahamic religions is in the region of religion, culture, commerce and politics for a long and rich history. Palestine was occupied several times by the ancient Egyptians, Canaanites, Philistines, the ancient Israelites, Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Muslims, Crusaders, Ottomans and finally the British. Palestine was an independent state whose capital was Jerusalem. The city of Jerusalem is sacred to Jews, Christians and Muslims Bait- al-Maqdis (Al- Aqsa) which is known as first QIBLA of Muslims is located here. Jerusalem, despite being so important for humanity, is being humiliated in Palestine, which has no example worldwide.


In the world there are nearly 30,000 organizations active in the fight for animal rights. Animal rights advocates are releasing funds and making billions of dollars to bring resolutions into law, but the defenseless and innocent people of Palestine are oppressed; worldwide organizations are blind about the Zionist massacres and brutal oppression that kills innocent women and children.


It said that it is a proven fact that whatever county, nation or religion a person belongs that there is an immense love for children no matter if the child of your enemy, whether it is your child or child of the enemy—children are children. For the children`s bright future everyone efforts according to his capabilities and try to provide all the luxuries of life but there is a region of the earth, the world knows the name of Palestine. Where the children and their childhood innocence has been removed by Israel, in such age they should be in school with fairy tale books, but they have toys of missiles, bullets and phosphorus bombs that kills them on daily basis.


Palestine is an unfortunate country in which human blood is cheaper than water. World peace candidate smoldering eyes from Palestine, as this is not the country of this world. Are not the children living here innocent? Their future? Their childhood? Children in other parts of the world are enjoying counter strikes and other video games, but the Palestinian children have been facing massacre since 1948. The children living in the Holy Land of Palestine do not have the basic needs of life. No gas. no electricity , no safe drinking water, no doctors, no medicine and nothing to eat. They are forced to live in refugee camps where there is nothing to eat in the harsh winter, and they have nothing to cover the bodies to stay warm. Aren’t these babies also the asset of world?? Their innocent childhood is being crushed, and their fate should be a concern for all peoples of the world. They do not have the lap of their mother but have monument of her grave. They do not have support of the compassionate father. but they have their father’s dead body. They do not have a sheltering home, only the debris of what was their home bombed by Israel. They do not have bread to eat, and the air they breathe is filled with toxic tear gas.


Gazans start their day mourning the death of their beloved. sorrow and anguish is written in the fate of Palestine, at any time during the day and night bombardment can begin. Palestine is the only country that has no army, it is a ruined country where graves outnumber homes, electricity is available here for few hours and there is nothing but mourning and death. Israeli soldiers can hunt anyone anywhere in Palestine and they are not held accountable anywhere in world. Gaza has schools, books and toys but everything telling stories about kindness of all the good of Israel. Is a tribute to those whose children are being slaughtered, whose houses are being burned, whose loved ones have been buried without shroud. However, they have not agreed to leave the Holy Land. They have no fear of death. This is Israel’s manifest failure.


The total area of the Gaza city is about 250 km; Israel has dropped thousands of kilograms of explosives on it, how kind of people are they? They are not concerned about the lives and the properties of the inhabitants of Gaza. Even so, in this fatal situation the the people of Gaza are thankful to Allah. In this case, will Israel be ashamed of their barbaric acts and massacres?


Actually, Israel is doing well, the people have lethal weapons.




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I grew up in the Karachi area, in the Pakistan. I absolutely love photography and journalism It is always very complicated to speak of ourselves, probably because even we don’t know ourselves very well. The only thing I am able to to say about myself is that i am easygoing person, although sometimes i am so stubborn.


Talkative and outspoken I have a great thirst for knowledge and a great wish to learn about everything that is different than me I have a few big passions in life: Exploring this beautiful and fragile planet we live on. To see every little aspect of it and experience the lives of the people living on it. In the same spirit i want to work as far as possible to help changing this world into a better place. For me that is done by different forms of activism and by using my camera and my pen.

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