Ramadan 2016

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Ramadan 2016

There are people who live their life of poverty and suffering In Gaza Strip... Giving them Foods and Clothes moral support showing heartfelt humility and respect ... Through WWR we can help the poor and needy In Gaza...

Ramadan 1 (OPEN MIND CONFERENCE) many THANKS to all helper and Willem Felderhof : )

Must provide support and donations during the month of Ramadan for poor families in #Gaza Donate now one € or one $ save a child's life


Sohila Abu Olwan family

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Sohila Abu Olwan

We need in this really all hands of help.
With Islamic Society Jabalia in Gazastrip to let do their lovely work in more bigger helping.

Helping is the most important thing.

We need you to meet the immediate needs of poor families from Gaza Strip they need food Always …..
Most Gazans can’t afford to buy it It is therefore essential we had to help in all ways these people in Gazastrip
and we need the support to raise funds with your donation contributed in the rescue of these people
with little money …


The lady we will never forget

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Sohila We Will Never Forget

We met in a past project a lady who we can’t so easily forget.

We want to try to help her that she can offer a better secure life for the children of her son.

He is in the hospital and lost his own wife in the war 2014.

The moral of the story is…

that this family and according what the lady is saying
the man in the house that’s the father is very sick

and on constant medication.
They’re renting the shared house


no source of income
to sustain them


Food Parcels in Gazastrip

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Helped About 50 Families

Our Team WWR- Help Gaza went yesterday to our poor families.

We helped about 50 families in northern Gaza.
Each food parcel consists of 2 chickens 2 kilogram weight.
In addition to 2 kg of rice.

Many lovely Thanks to all our donaters 🙂
specially to

Family Haddad, Cornelia and Willem Felderhof


Give Gaza some light

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Give gaza some light
Video 1

Translated from Video

We visited families in evening in northern Gazastrip.
Team: Hello. How are you?
Man: Alhamdulillah don`t stand, sit down please.
Team: Do you read in the Holy Qur’an?
Man: Yeah Beautiful, allah wills Ahmed saves nineteen part
From the Holy Qur’an.
Team: This light support wwr-help to be able to light the room and reading in the Holy Qur’an How the situation after the light?
Man: Alhamdulillah

Video 2

Video 3

Pictures Of Project
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