Abdullah a child from Khan Younis

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It was a beautiful child with a disability in the leg because of the war on Palestine

We are happy to met him and he was happy.

All are very welcome and we hope you are interesting in the children of Palestine Situation:
„Continued with the child shortly before the Abdullah family.

Give you thanks and love and appreciation to the woman who want help them.
They need a way to transfer a child home from school expenses.
It costs 70 euros each month transfer in the car.

Because he has no wheelchair because it costs wheelchair Superautomatic an expensive, baby clothing and health tools, and school needs because their economic situation is bad.
Because he has another brother injured in heart.

Child needs a monthly allowance of 150 euros.“

Who want also help the family please contact us : )
We organize all that you can help the boy.

Many many many thanks to Kubilay
„Allah bless him wonderful“


Janine Abuayyash

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Janine Abuayyash
Janine Abuayyash is from Grimlinghausen in Germany. She worked 16 years as dentaltechnical, changed to a Lawyer Company for 2 years and went back to work again as a dentaltechnical by a dentist.
Gaza is a tiny patch of land, just 360 square meters (smaller than Bremen)
with about 1.7 million inhabitants.  Shaken by several violent wars with Israel in the recent past – the last was just nearly one and a half years ago – which has claimed over 2,000 lives, the vast majority of whom are innocent civilians.  Over 500 children killed, and thousands more have been wounded.

Relatives, friends, neighbors, and their homes along with all their belongings have been destroyed because of the Israeli bombings. 

Almost 7,000 buildings were completely destroyed and another ten thousand considerably damaged.
The much promised billions of international aid up to now, the suffering population has scarcely reached aid for reconstruction.
Rents and prices for
The livelihood rose to an immeasurable rate, unemployment and homelessness are widespread – lacking
everywhere. Relief goods from abroad reach the people of Gaza almost as well.
Not due to the almost complete closure of the borders of the country by the neighbors of Israel and
Janine Abuayyash (38, Neuss,) learned about the Palestinian plight during and shortly after
the last war in 2014 through personal contacts, whose please for help on the Internet about the terrible status there.
Janine A., founder and chairman of WWR-Help e.V .:
„I was deeply shocked at the reports, pictures, videos of mine
internet friends from Gaza.“

Shaken by the suffering of the people and especially
of the children there. I thought there must be a possibility.
People there and elsewhere faster, more direct and more consistent help.
As the -often empty – billions of dollar bill international
promises, which, if anything at all, but very rarely
sporadically arrive at the people they REALLY need …

Janine still spontaneously launched an initiative in August 2014 that was to try to get the
suffering people in Gaza from here from Germany. With 6 others
she founded the non-profit organization WWR-Help e.V.
to help people in war and crisis areas and to help them
DIRECTLY with donations.

Janine and the members and supporters
(Different ethnic and religious affiliation) of the association
gathered material and money donations, the distressed ones, in various campaigns
People in crises.

Janine Abuayyash: „We have made plans, unlike in other relief organizations that are used by us
collected 100% money tfrom the selected beneficiaries go in the affected regions, here
Especially in GAZA. The entire administrative work of the association shall be carried out exclusively from the
Contributions and other donations from the members and sponsors, donated funds for the
Needy aren´t used for this! “

Meanwhile, good personal contacts have been established with families in Gaza, the incoming
money donations in neighborly co-operation into various privately initiated aid and development projects,
which distribute money fairly among needy. Partially, the money is used for reconstruction, but also is destitute
Families are supported with grants for food, rents, medical care, dress.

Many children were able to used by the funds with learning materials such as school books, writing materials,
Notebooks, books, etc., so that they can continue to participate in the classroom. Also
was given to a few poor families, the children to the sugar festival (a high Islamic festival,
here almost comparable with our Christmas or Easter festival, small gifts and sweets
as well.


Cake Khan Younis Gallery

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Gaza „world of suffering“.

Gaza „world of despair„.

Gaza „world of oblivion“.

Gaza „world of rubble“.

We must not forget these people.

Many people from abroad to fight for the withdrawal of the Zionists in the occupied territories.

They demand Freedom for Palestine.

These and all the other dedicated this video. Look at them, what we can do everything with your help.

The children we have been able to allow the start of school new school supplies.

Eid al Adha was in September. Because of the situation in Gaza, few people can buy a piece of meat.

Our organization WWR-Help e.V. has made it possible for many families the feast of sacrifice

from Khan Younis and Beit Hanoun, a packed lunch with meat, with your help to donate.

Very big thanks „Wilhelm Felderhof“.

With his generosity, it is possible to send repeatedly

donations in the Gaza Stripe and to help the people there.

I want in this way again all friends of WWR-Help e.V.,

their friends and their friends turn to call,

not to allow the aid to the Gaza Stripe run dry. The winter is coming.

And the little ones in Gaza urgently need warm clothes and shoes.

The Gaza Strip is blocked by the Zionists.

All attempts to get donations in the Gaza will fail.

Neither medication, baby food, even clothing can be brought by our association in Gaza.

That is why we are committed to monetary donations.

All children and adults would like to thank in this way most warmly.

And also we would like as the donations club WorldWide Resistance-Help e.V. join us this much.

We will continue to document our work,

that you may have knowledge of the whereabouts of your donation.

Please re my Apell to all of you.

Call your friends and acquaintances to commit themselves to participate in our fundraising campaign.

Every euro counts, because this makes up the mass.

Thank you from the children from the Gaza Stripe,

whose tears were dried for a moment.

Cakes distribution through (cakes Khan Younis) project for families and children of the poor in Gaza A feeling of happiness by children Donate one euro to help the poor children of Gaza
The advantage of the project cakes Khan younis more than 25 poor family
Were distributed to 200 kilo cakes
These families have benefited from cakes several times
Prepare for the start of the second phase in the industry cakes and distributed to poor families
And will be sold part of cakes and profits will buy meat and food for these poor families
Donate to help these poor families
These families need assistance to the poor conditions they live in Gaza


Contacts in Gaza

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One of our Family recorded us this Video in 2014

Media Town

Children from Gaza, who lived a very terrible experience full of pain and horror during the war, send a thanks letter to everyone who supported them and defended their rights.



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Jerusalem – Ramallah – Haifa – Nablus – Akka Acre – Yafa Jaffa – Hebron Jenin – Safad – Nazareth – Gaza – Bir alsaba – Majdal – Asqalan – Bethlehem – Tulkarem – Qalqilya – Lyd – Ramleh – Caesarea Palestine

This is Palestine

„Geschichte Palästinas in Bildern, hier anklicken“








Project Cake Khan Younis for Gaza

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Project Idea Cake Khan Younis in Gazastrip
The situation in Gazastrip

Families in Gaza are living under very bad conditions, there is a shortage of food, clothing,
electricity and water, life in Gaza simoly does not exist.

It was offered a very big help through the donor countries but there is the process of a major fraud and the absence of justice in the distribution of aid because they are part of the government and civil institutions who steal aid to be distributed to relatives and friends.

UNRWA provides food aid every three months, but this aid is only enough for two weeks to poor families

My experience in working in the previous period allowed me to work for small and medium-sized enterprises to provide these families a little help by collecting donations and funding from philanthropists and owners of compassionate hearts to provide these needs.

Among the projects to bake cakes is to provide children with a proper meal.

To distribute meat to the poor, because a lot of families in Gaza do not know meat for a long period of time To provide recreational trips for children to entertain theirself.

Also to provide food baskets to help families in daily life.
And to buy clothes and shoes for poor children I am also thinking in a small project in the Gaza Strip.

A restaurant or a pastrie bakery, build on the sale of products through the profit and to buy the needs of poor families and to make sure that on a monthly base 20 families can live for a long period of time.

This project is made to provide jobs for the unemployed, provides production and helps poor families for a long time. The idea is to let woman in the community make cakes and sell them on the market.

A part of the profit will go to poor families for food and clothing and a part will be used to sustain and develop the project. Advantages of the Project.

1. It will help people directly. Poor people can be fed and dressed.
2. The people running this project are doing something constructive. Most of the people in Gaza feel imprisoned in a hopeless situation. If they start up something initiated by themselves they will create future possibilities and therefore feel more secure and hopeful.
3. As soon as the project is running it will be self-sufficient.
4. More and more people will benefit from the project as soon the project will develop itself.
5. It is a project initiated by the local people of Gaza so it is tailored on their needs. These people to give them a financiel boost to start up

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