Michael Farah – Promotion & Live Speaker

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Michael Farah

My father was Palestinian, I was born in exile London.  Due to the Nackba of 1948, my family are spread throughout the world.  I never got to meet many of them.  I grew up with a strong sense of political awareness and social justice.

I have taken part in many campaigns including CND, the anti apartheid movement, anti poll tax campaign and various environmental issues.

In my professional life, I have taught special needs students, organic horticulture and later went back to college to study nature conservation.  As a result I worked for the Isle of Wight Council managing a Country Park as a Countryside Ranger involving environmental  interpretation and practical nature conservation.

I have long been passionate for a free Palestine, and recognize that our sacred right of return is legal under international law and is key to global peace.  I have no doubt that the outcome of the Palestinian cause will determine the future and quality of life for all humanity.

I am proud to be working as the Press Secretary UK for the charity WWR-Help. WorldWide Resistance-Help e.V. .  In  particular, as unlike many charities, all who work do so without taking any a wage.  This is the essence of real charity and ensures that no deductions are taken from any donation which means 100% reaches those most in need.  God knows Gaza has suffered 3 genocides and over 11 years of a brutal illegal siege and is now facing the abyss….  Your help and donation is needed now more than ever!


Claudio Marty – Marketing Manager

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Claudio Marty, from the USA, had his first business in his teens.  He began his career with his own construction business.  He eventually branched into the telecommunications arena, where he had built a record breaking sales organization, and also became one of the company’s top trainers, training thousands in the sales force.  Claudio also left a trail of successes working with other sales companies.  Later on, he delved into online marketing and sales, and has helped many Internet businesses succeed.

A family member died in one of the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center during the 9-11 attack, and Claudio became an activist soon afterward.  At first as a political activist for 10 years, then as a 9/11 Truth activist for the families who were victims of the 9/11 attack that are demanding a re-investigation.

Claudio is the founder of the worldwide grassroots campaign, I Am The Face of Truth – IAmTheFaceofTruth.com – which launched in December, 2013.   Thousands of activists from all over the world have joined the 9/11 awareness campaign, and the campaign has been endorsed by major advocates like Richard Gage of AE911Truth.org, the founders of 911TAP.org as well as other notable major advocates.

Claudio and the team at I Am The Face of Truth have also been spreading the word about the Palestinian plight, and they are completely determined to help expose and end the tyranny against the Palestinian people.

Claudio has recently joined the team here at WWR-Help e.V. to assist with the funding effort underway, which seeks to help Palestinians who are lacking the basic necessities of life because of their current oppression.


We Traid in Düsseldorf

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We Traid

Sonntag, den 4.Februar.2018
11Uhr bis 19 Uhr, Fichtenstr. 40,
40233 Düsseldorf (Zakk Düsseldorf, Der Grüne Markt)

Durch fairen Handel von Feinkost aus z.b #Palästinaund #Marokko, schaffen sie dort Arbeitsplätze und sichern Grundeinkommen.
Die erzielten Gewinne investiert „We Traid“ in soziale Projekte in den Erzeugerländern und anderen Krisenregionen.

Probiert jetzt ihre Köstlichkeiten aus und Kauft für den guten Zweck ein unter:


#wetraid #fairtrade #entwicklungshilfe#hilfezurselbsthilfe #handelnumzuhelfen




Living Bread Project

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Planning Picture:

Our Partner:
Living Bread International Church

We will set up a campaign to help a poor family by open a small project for them, open them a small bakery.
Please support our families to have shelter or work to let them feel the life like humans.


Families in Gaza are living under very bad conditions, there is a shortage of food, clothing,
electricity and water, life in Gaza simply does not exist.

It was offered a very big help through the donor countries but there is the process of a major fraud and the absence of justice in the distribution of aid because they are part of the government and civil institutions who steal aid to be distributed to relatives and friends.

UNRWA provides food aid every three months, but this aid is only enough for two weeks to poor families

Our experience in working in the previous period allowed us to work for small and medium-sized enterprises to provide these families a little help by collecting donations and funding from philanthropists and owners of compassionate hearts to provide these needs.

Among the projects to bake bread is to provide children with a proper meal.

To distribute meat to the poor, because a lot of families in Gaza do not know meat for a long period of time To provide recreational trips for children to entertain theirself.

Also to provide food baskets to help families in daily life.
And to buy clothes and shoes for poor children we are also thinking in a small project in the Gaza Strip.

A restaurant or a pastrie bakery, build on the sale of products through the profit and to buy the needs of poor families and to make sure that on a monthly base 20 families can live for a long period of time.

This project is made to provide jobs for the unemployed, provides production and helps poor families for a long time. The idea is to let woman in the community make bread and sell them on the market.

A part of the profit will go to poor families for food and clothing and a part will be used to sustain and develop the project.

Advantages of the Project:

1. It will help people directly. Poor people can be fed and dressed.

2. The people running this project are doing something constructive. Most of the people in Gaza feel imprisoned in a hopeless situation. If they start up something initiated by themselves they will create future possibilities and therefore feel more secure and hopeful.

3. As soon as the project is running it will be self-sufficient.

4. More and more people will benefit from the project as soon the project will develop itself.

5. It is a project initiated by the local people of Gaza so it is tailored on their needs. These people to give them a financiel boost to start up.




1 straw bale (2 are shown but we only used 1)
24 fire bricks (the most expensive material at $75)
1 bag perlite (in garden center)
some  coarse sand (cheaper than you would think, cost me $30)
wheel barrow
2 tarps
2 shovels

We gathered rocks and bricks from the property (you can sub in large rocks instead of bricks) and build a circle that would contain the planned circumference. As we built it up, we filled the center with large rocks and shovelfuls of dirt. Initially, we did not plaster the foundation, though you will see us address that a little later. We wanted freedom in the build to modify if necessary.

Once you have built the foundation to an acceptable height that you would feel okay leaning down and putting in wood to burn or things to cook, stop and fill with dirt, leaving a couple of inches for insulation. Insulating the bottom is important because you don’t want the oven floor to be sucking all the heat out while trying to cook.

For insulation we used a variety of root beer bottles and beer bottles from the side of the road. We even arranged them all pretty. Fill in between the bottles with a bag of perlite and then top with sand.We used a wooden board to compact and level the sand before putting down the firebricks that comprise the oven floor.

The firebricks are what your food rests on to cook; this is important because you want the firebricks to be as close as possible to one another so that they don’t shift, push sand up onto the floor, or rest unevenly against each other so that your food gets caught on the edge of a brick.

Pretty much everyone will tell you to take time on this and you should. Lay one brick, kiss the edge of a second to the top edge of that brick and slide down until it sits flush. Use a level. All that.

Or at least you should. We didn’t, we eyeballed it. What can I say? We wanted to make this happen. I’m happy with the oven so don’t stress too much but just keep the level-ness of the floor in mind while you work.

The oven’s thermal layer holds the heat from your fire long after it is gone so that you can cook delicious pizza (among other things). For the thermal layer, we needed 1 part clay, 3 parts sand, and enough water to make it easy to form but not so much that it was wet. The test for the right consistency was forming a golf ball sized bit of it and dropping it from wait height without seeing cracks (too dry) or it splatting (too wet). The mixture may change based on the clay you obtain. The subsoil/clay that we dug up on the property really only needed about a 1:1 mixture of clay:sand to achieve the golf ball test. Experiment by digging up the clay, putting some shovelfuls on a tarp, throwing some sand and water on it and dancing all over with your feet (if you want it slightly less dirty, fold the tarp in half over the mix and dance on the tarp. Think grape smashing). Once you pass that golf ball test, get to layering.

Our thermal layer was about 3″ thick. We essentially formed mud bricks and smashed them together, then compressed with a board (shown in image). Now your oven needs time to think about things. We gave our Jabba the hut a week to dry out a little (may need a loose tarp if you are building in a wet environment).

Let Dry

We waited a week before returning to our little Jabba the Oven.

Cut a Door

Be sure to stick to your planned measurements as best you can! The door height:interior dome height is important so air can be drawn in for the fire to get hot. The door should be approximately 63% of the height of the inner dome (the top of your wet sand form).

Build the Insulation Layer

The insulation layer makes the oven cool slooooowly so you can cook stuff. The insulation layer is just clay and straw, with enough water so that it all sticks together. We found forming little handsized bricks and building up to be useful. This layer should be about 4-5″ thick and ends up looking a little ridiculous. You can also see that it was about this point in construction when we finally dug out the sand from the interior. We waited because, as we added layers, we were compressing and didn’t want to compress our way into a pile of mud. The second photo shows the sand out of the oven and the doorway edges with smoothed out by hand with a little assistance from some water.

Coat With a Finishing Layer

Our oven was a bit…straw-y. The initial plan for the finishing layer advised adding straw but we chose to forgo and use a sand/clay mixture to smooth everything out. We poked little fingertip bumps in it because we were unsure if we wanted to do a plaster layer after it dried and wanted the plaster to have something to hold onto just in case.

Let Dry

We waited three weeks before returning to the oven. If necessary, you can build a series of small fires over time to assist in drying it out faster. As we built the oven on vacation land quite a distance from our home, that wasn’t the preferred method for us. Instead, we covered the oven loosely with a tarp to protect it from the elements and let time go to work on the drying.

When we came back to the oven, we removed the tarp and heated it up using small kindling and fallen tree limbs that had dried out (honestly, the smaller bits worked better in drawing in air than the larger kindling). We heated the oven up with constant fire for about 3 1/2 hours.

For the test run, we decided to have a pizza party, making dough and readying toppings.

Once enough time had passed and the oven was hot to the touch (on the outside), we swept out the embers and got to cooking. I recommend using an infrared thermometer to judge temperature as we went through a bit of trial and error (pizza cooked slowly at first so we went back to the fire for about 20 minutes, then pizzas cooked in about 3 minutes apiece). You can see that we swept out much of the embers but also moved some to the sides in the last image.

We anticipate the oven to maintain functionality for anywhere from 3-6 years, perhaps longer with care. We plan on taking the lessons from this oven to build Mark 2, which will be dug into the earth for more stability.


mud  , brikes , strwa and the concrete used in this oven costs no more that 40 USD for each one

Your WWR-Help Team 🙂


Please Support December 2017

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Please Support
Please support poor and needy families, especially in the winter, where the cold and the lack of employment opportunities and the conditions of the siege of the Palestinian people and our people in Gaza steadfast patient.
WWR-Help e.V.
IBAN: DE69 3016 0213 0302 0260 25
Account Number:
302 0260 25

Bank Identification:
3016 0213

Usage: WWR-Help Team

email: info@wwr-help.com





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Interview with my Scottish friend John, who was arrested and brutalized
by israeli soldiers
upon approaching the Erez crossing into Gaza.
„There is only one side afraid of the camera (the israelis)“ says John,
who came to Palestine with a neutral stance, seeking only to find the truth.




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The Gaza Siege

Imagine living with another 2 million people in one of the most densely populated places on earth.

Imagine being unable to leave for any reason. Not for a medical emergency. Not for a funeral. Not to pursue your education. Nothing.

Imagine restrictions on imports and exports being so strict that everyone is living in or near complete poverty and there are no painkillers for you to buy.

Imagine hearing the continuous humming of drones as they patrol your sky.

Imagine repeatedly being on the receiving end of an indiscriminate military onslaught with nowhere to turn.



Palästinensische Schule zu Ehren einer Fatah-Kämpferin umbenannt – Belgien stoppt Finanzierung – RT deutsch

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Belgien stoppt Finanzierung

Die Benennung einer palästinensischen Mädchenschule im Westjordanland nach einer Fatah-Kämpferin hat die belgischen Geldgeber verstimmt. Die belgische Regierung habe jede finanzielle Unterstützung für Schulprojekte in den Palästinensischen Autonomiegebieten vorläufig gestoppt, berichteten mehrere flämische Zeitungen am Dienstag. Es gehe um 3,3 Millionen Euro.


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