Resolution of the General Assembly of the WWR-Help. WorldWide Resistance-Help e.V. on 15.12.2018 as an open letter

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Resolution of the General Assembly of the

WWR-Help. WorldWide Resistance-Help e.V.
on 15.12.2018
as an open letter



The ordinary general meeting of the association
WWR-Help. WorldWide Resistance-Help e.V.
adopts the following resolution:


  1. It is emphasized that the association is politically, religiously, ethnically neutral in all respects according to its statute §1 Nr.3.


  1. The purposes of the association (§1 No. 5) are exclusively social nature. The work of the association is limited to direct and humanitarian aid to needy and distressed people in crisis areas, i.a. by donating money and material donations.


  1. Insofar as cooperation with other socially active and humanitarian / nonprofit organizations seems necessary and sensible for this work of the Association, the possibility of such cooperation shall be scrutinized to ensure that the purposes and objectives of the organizations, groups, individuals eligible for cooperation do not exist statutory purposes and objectives of the WWR-Help. WorldWide Resistance-Help e.V.


  1. In particular WWR-Help. WorldWide Resistance-Help e.V. does not grant or provide any help and support to organizations, groups, individuals whose primary purposes and objectives are political, religious, military or paramilitary or in any way demonstrably extremist.


  1. WWR-Help. WorldWide Resistance-Help e.V. does not tolerate any propaganda of political or religious or / and extremist content in its official and public media. Insofar as such entries appear in the publicly accessible media of the association, these will be displayed after inspection by the executive board / resp. deleted by the respective media administrator. The author of such a contribution is reminded on the part of the board on the base of his entry, in case of recurrence excluded from the possibility of publication in association media. If the author is a regular member of the association, there is also the possibility of a membership exclusion procedure, insofar as it is a clear violation of the articles of association in the event of a repeat offense.


  1. WWR-Help. WorldWide Resistance-Help eV. dissociates itself clearly from groups, organizations, individuals who do not conform to the general human rights (UN – „AEMR“) and / or the constitutional law of the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG – „FDGO“) in their own representation and action


  1. The association WWR-Help. WorldWide Resistance-Help e.V. is not responsible for and has no influence on the publication of content by groups, organizations, individuals outside the official club media. If the content of such publications is the name or content of the association WWR-Help. WorldWide Resistance-Help e.V., the association’s board must have an authorization for publication. If this is not the case, the association WWR-Help WorldWide Resistance Help e.V. reserves legal action against the author before.


We are NO extremists / salafists / terrorists !!!

And also we are NOT

anti-Semitc / anti-Jewish, anti-Islamic, anti christian, antidemocratic!
All we want and do is to help other people in need !!!

Regardless of nationality / religion / ideology / ethnicity!


Neuss, Germany, 2018-12-15

WWR-Help. WorldWide Resistance Help e.V.







Aufgrund der aktuellen und fortdauernden Anfeindungen gegen den Verein WWR-Help. WorldWide Resistance-Help e.V. beschließt die ordentliche Mitgliederversammlung des Vereins am 15.12.2018 die Veröffentlichung dieser Resolution als „offenen Brief“.

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Resolution der Mitgliederversammlung des

WWR-Help. WorldWide Resistance-Help e.V.

am 15.12.2018

als offener Brief


Vertreten durch den Vorstand:
Janine Abuayyash
Volmerswerther Straße 16
41468 Neuss


Die ordentliche Mitgliederversammlung des Vereins

WWR-Help. WorldWide Resistance-Help e.V.
beschließt folgende Resolution


  1. Es wird betont dass der Verein gemäß seiner Satzung 1 Nr.3 in jeder Hinsicht politisch, religiös, ethnisch neutral ist.
  2. Die Zwecke des Vereins (§1 Nr.5) sind ausschließlich sozialer Natur. Die Arbeit des Vereins beschränkt sich auf die direkte und humanitäre Hilfe an bedürftige und in Not geratene Menschen in Krisengebieten, u.a. durch die Zuwendung von Geld- und Sachspenden.
  3. Sofern für diese Arbeit des Vereins eine Zusammenarbeit mit anderen sozial aktiven und humanitären/gemeinnützigen Organisationen notwendig und sinnvoll erscheint, wird die Möglichkeit einer solchen Zusammenarbeit genauestens daraufhin überprüft, ob die Zwecke und Ziele der für eine Zusammenarbeit infrage kommenden Organisationen, Gruppen, Einzelpersonen nicht den satzungsgemäßen Zwecken und Zielen des WWR-Help. WorldWide Resistance-Help e.V.
  4. Insbesondere gewährt WWR-Help. WorldWide Resistance-Help e.V. keinerlei Hilfe und Unterstützung an Organisationen, Gruppen, Einzelpersonen, deren hauptsächliche Zwecke und Ziele politischer, religiöser, militärischer oder paramilitärischer oder in irgendeiner Art und Weise nachweislich extremistischer Natur sind.
  5. WWR-Help. WorldWide Resistance-Help e.V. duldet in seinen offiziellen und öffentlichen Medien auch keinerlei Propaganda politischen oder religiösen oder/und extremistischen Inhalts. Sofern in den öffentlich zugänglichen Medien des Vereins derartige Einträge auftauchen, werden diese nach Inaugenscheinnahme durch den Vorstand/bzw. den jeweiligen Medienadministrator gelöscht. Der/die Verfasser/in eines solchen Beitrages wird seitens des Vorstandes aufgrund seines Eintrages gemahnt, im Wiederholungsfall von der Möglichkeit der Publikation in Vereinsmedien ausgeschlossen. Handelt es sich bei dem Verfasser/der Verfasserin um ein reguläres Vereinsmitglied besteht hier auch die Möglichkeit eines Mitgliedschaftsausschlussverfahrens, sofern es sich um eindeutige Satzungsverstöße im Wiederholungsfall handelt.
  1. WWR-Help. WorldWide Resistance-Help e.V. distanziert sich in aller Deutlichkeit von Gruppen, Organisationen, Einzelpersonen, die in ihrer Eigendarstellung und Handlungsweise nicht den allgemeinen Menschenrechten (UNO – „AEMR“) und/oder dem Verfassungsrecht der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (BRD – „FDGO“) entsprechen.
  2. Der Verein WWR-Help. WorldWide Resistance-Help e.V. ist nicht verantwortlich für und übt keinen Einfluss auf die Publikation von Inhalten durch Gruppen, Organisationen, Einzelpersonen außerhalb der offiziellen Vereinsmedien aus. Sofern Inhalte solcher Publikationen namentlich oder inhaltlich den Verein WWR-Help. WorldWide Resistance-Help e.V. betreffen, muss seitens des Vereinsvorstandes eine Autorisierung zur Veröffentlichung vorliegen. Ist dies nicht der Fall, behält sich der Verein WWR-Help. WorldWide Resistance-Help e.V. rechtliche Schritte gegen den/die Autor/in vor.


Wir sind KEINE Extremisten / Salafisten / Terroristen!!!

Wir sind auch nicht

antisemitisch / antijüdisch, antiislamisch, antichristristlich, antidemokratisch!

Alles was wir wollen und tun, ist anderen Menschen in Not zu helfen!!! Unabhängig von Nationalität / Religion / Ideologie / ethnischer Zugehörigkeit!


Neuss, Deutschland, den 15.12.2018

WWR-Help. WorldWideResistance Help e.V.






Sharon Woods – News & Promotion

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Sharon Woods

Sharon Woods is from Liverpool in the UK. She has worked in a variety of industries. Presently she is working voluntarily with the homeless and disadvantaged in her hometown. “ until 2015. „I had no real understanding of what life was like in Gaza.“

A friend on Facebook happened to share a post about Palestine, when I showed an interest he patiently explained to me how the siege on Gaza impacted on Palestinian life. I then began to do my own research and was horrified to learn of the extreme poverty people were enduring. 

I was seeing children with no shoes on their feet, inadequate clothing and families living in appalling conditions that consisted of houses that had been badly damaged in the 2014 war and never rebuilt.  Also a lack of basics like electricity, food and clean drinking water. I was appalled at the inhumane way these people were being treated and also enraged at the fundamental injustice of the treatment of Palestinians in their homeland.

I didn’t know what I could do to help until I was fortunate enough to come into contact with Janine Abauyyash the founder of WWR-Help e.V. who invited me to become a member of the WWR team.

What I especially like about WWR is that it helps the most in need the poorest of the poor, the people who have no voice because they have no access to the internet so they cannot appeal directly for help themselves, for them there is no way of reaching the outside world.

Each of our projects is carefully thought out and discussed at length with our contacts in Gaza so that donations are utilized in the best way for those in the greatest need. Working with the WWR team has been a humbling experience for me, it has also restored my faith in human nature. Although we live in different parts of the world we are bound together through our desire and determination to alleviate the suffering in Gaza and with your Donations we can achieve this.


Michael Farah – Promotion & Live Speaker

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Michael Farah

My father was Palestinian, I was born in exile London.  Due to the Nackba of 1948, my family are spread throughout the world.  I never got to meet many of them.  I grew up with a strong sense of political awareness and social justice.

I have taken part in many campaigns including CND, the anti apartheid movement, anti poll tax campaign and various environmental issues.

In my professional life, I have taught special needs students, organic horticulture and later went back to college to study nature conservation.  As a result I worked for the Isle of Wight Council managing a Country Park as a Countryside Ranger involving environmental  interpretation and practical nature conservation.

I have long been passionate for a free Palestine, and recognize that our sacred right of return is legal under international law and is key to global peace.  I have no doubt that the outcome of the Palestinian cause will determine the future and quality of life for all humanity.

I am proud to be working as the Press Secretary UK for the charity WWR-Help. WorldWide Resistance-Help e.V. .  In  particular, as unlike many charities, all who work do so without taking any a wage.  This is the essence of real charity and ensures that no deductions are taken from any donation which means 100% reaches those most in need.  God knows Gaza has suffered 3 genocides and over 11 years of a brutal illegal siege and is now facing the abyss….  Your help and donation is needed now more than ever!


Claudio Marty – Marketing Manager

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Claudio Marty, from the USA, had his first business in his teens.  He began his career with his own construction business.  He eventually branched into the telecommunications arena, where he had built a record breaking sales organization, and also became one of the company’s top trainers, training thousands in the sales force.  Claudio also left a trail of successes working with other sales companies.  Later on, he delved into online marketing and sales, and has helped many Internet businesses succeed.

A family member died in one of the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center during the 9-11 attack, and Claudio became an activist soon afterward.  At first as a political activist for 10 years, then as a 9/11 Truth activist for the families who were victims of the 9/11 attack that are demanding a re-investigation.

Claudio is the founder of the worldwide grassroots campaign, I Am The Face of Truth – – which launched in December, 2013.   Thousands of activists from all over the world have joined the 9/11 awareness campaign, and the campaign has been endorsed by major advocates like Richard Gage of, the founders of as well as other notable major advocates.

Claudio and the team at I Am The Face of Truth have also been spreading the word about the Palestinian plight, and they are completely determined to help expose and end the tyranny against the Palestinian people.

Claudio has recently joined the team here at WWR-Help e.V. to assist with the funding effort underway, which seeks to help Palestinians who are lacking the basic necessities of life because of their current oppression.


Ramadan 2017 in Jabalia Gazastrip

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Ramadan 2017 in Jabalia Gazastrip

Gaza Our love Our Soul
this is work for Gaza All Our Love For Gaza
Gaza Our Soul Really and truly
Our work is there in Gaza to Save the poor
Till Our life for help the poor there in Gaza
Our personal belief and Our happiness to see that everyone in Gaza live like the Rest of humanity in a world without war and suffering.
Gaza We love you
You are Our soul We pray to Allah for protect you
My team and I We are doing our best to alleviate suffering of Gaza
For love
For Humanity
For you Gaza I am here
Janine Abuayyash

Many many deeply thanks to Our Hamani and Our Team in Gaza Islamic Society Jabalia
Tahany and Ahmed 🙂

WWR-Help e.V.
IBAN: DE69 4306 0967 4087 5303 00
Usage: WWR-Help Team


Mike Farah – Listen to me, we giving Hope

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Our Second Part Ramadan

❤️ #Palestine ❤️

SOS „Jabalia“ Gaza, please donate give Paypal wwr-help GAZA.

or gofund me Ramadan 2017 GazaStrip“


We wait every day of every Cent.
Please help us and don’t hesitate to contact us
One of our Account is here:


or you can also #Donate by:

WWR-Help e.V.
IBAN: DE694306 0967 4087 5303 00
Usage: WWR-Help Team



Our new website is online

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We are online

Now after a long hard preliminary work,

new server programming,
new website creation,

it is limited so far.

Our new website is online.

We hope that we can show our projects with it to you more clear.
We have taken to ourselves big trouble.

We wish you a lot of fun with our new website.

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