Ramadan 2017 in Jabalia Gazastrip

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Ramadan 2017 in Jabalia Gazastrip

Gaza Our love Our Soul
this is work for Gaza All Our Love For Gaza
Gaza Our Soul Really and truly
Our work is there in Gaza to Save the poor
Till Our life for help the poor there in Gaza
Our personal belief and Our happiness to see that everyone in Gaza live like the Rest of humanity in a world without war and suffering.
Gaza We love you
You are Our soul We pray to Allah for protect you
My team and I We are doing our best to alleviate suffering of Gaza
For love
For Humanity
For you Gaza I am here
Janine Abuayyash

Many many deeply thanks to Our Hamani and Our Team in Gaza Islamic Society Jabalia
Tahany and Ahmed 🙂

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Mike Farah – Listen to me, we giving Hope

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Our Second Part Ramadan

❤️ #Palestine ❤️

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Our new website is online

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We are online

Now after a long hard preliminary work,

new server programming,
new website creation,

it is limited so far.

Our new website is online.

We hope that we can show our projects with it to you more clear.
We have taken to ourselves big trouble.

We wish you a lot of fun with our new website.


Help for the forgotten suffering

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GAZA Help for the Forgotten Suffer
Gaza is a tiny patch of earth with just 360 square meters (smaller than Bremen)
and about 1.7 million inhabitants. Shaken by several violent wars with Israel in the recent past – the last is just
nearly one and a half years ago – with over 2,000 death victims, the vast majority of whom are in the civilian population.
Over 500 children, and thousands of wounded.

Many people lost through the Israeli bombs
Relatives, friends, neighbors, their house, all their belongings.

Almost 7,000 buildings were completed destroyed another ten thousands considerably damaged.
The much promised billions of international up to now, the suffering population has scarcely reached aid for reconstruction.
Rents and prices for
The livelihood rose to an immeasurable rate, unemployment and homelessness are widespread – lacking
everywhere. Relief goods from abroad reach the people of Gaza almost as well.
Not due to the almost complete closure of the borders of the country by the neighbors of Israel and
Janine Abuayyash (36, Neuss,) learned during and shortly after
the last war in 2014 through personal contacts and
whose help calls on the Internet from the terrible states there.
Janine A., founder and chairman of WWR-Help e.V .:
„I was deeply shocked at the reports, pictures, videos of mine
internet friends from Gaza.

Shaken by the suffering of the people and especially
of the children there. I thought there must be a possibility.
People there and elsewhere faster, more direct and more consistent help.
As the -often empty – billions of dollar bill international
promises, which, if anything at all, but very rarely
sporadically arrive at the people they REALLY need …

Janine still spontaneously launched an initiative in August 2014 that was to try to get the
suffering people in Gaza from here from Germany. With 6 others
she founded the non-profit organization WWR-Help e.V.
to help people in war and crisis areas and to help them
DIRECTLY with donations.

Janine and the members and supporters
(Different ethnic and religious affiliation) of the association
gathered material and money donations, the distressed ones, in various campaigns
People in crises.

Janine Abuayyash: „We have made plans, unlike in other relief organizations that are used by us
collected 100% money tfrom the selected beneficiaries go in the affected regions, here
Especially in GAZA. The entire administrative work of the association shall be carried out exclusively from the
Contributions and other donations from the members and sponsors, donated funds for the
Needy aren´t used for this! “

Meanwhile, good personal contacts have been established with families in Gaza, the incoming
money donations in neighborly co-operation into various privately initiated aid and development projects,
which distribute money fairly among needy. Partially, the money is used for reconstruction, but also is destitute
Families are supported with grants for food, rents, medical care, dress.

Many children were able to used by the funds with learning materials such as school books, writing materials,
Notebooks, books, etc., so that they can continue to participate in the classroom. Also
was given to a few poor families, the children to the sugar festival (a high Islamic festival,
here almost comparable with our Christmas or Easter festival, small gifts and sweets
as well.