Adham Alhajjar, journalist from Gaza Strip

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Adham Alhajjar, journalist from Gaza Strip.


„I was about to turn 32 when I dealt with my first life-changing experience.
I loved to play sports, whether it was basketball, football, swimming, or running. I dreamed of being an international journalist covering the most crucial events in the world to uncover the truth and to serve humanity.

However, it all changed on one morning when I was covering the events of the Great return march in Gaza Strip on 6th April, 2018.


I was doing my job and I was really interested in transferring the truth of what happening for the whole world

when an Israeli sniper shot me in my left knee with an exploded bullet. This bullet cost me a lot it damaged my nerves, knee’ bones and the joint in my knee, after I got shot they took me to the hospital where I wait for three days bleeding and waiting for a medical intervention from someone who know what to do to save me.

After three days of the continuing bleeding I have been entered to nerves repairing surgery by a group of doctors supervised by a foreign delegation. Then they told me that I need Knee replacement operation in upcoming months and that it should be done by experts due to the complexity of my case.

I tried my best but I didn’t transferred to be treated outside with financial coverage from the government so I contacted hospitals outside and I got and admission from Hidelberg hospital in Germany to do the surgery of knee replacement.

I covered the expenses of the outpatient consultation but I can’t afford the surgery expenses.
Each day I delay the surgery my knee become worst due to the shortage happen in my nerves and muscles where am losing my chance to walk again.

Before  getting injured I was running from place to another I was helping others but now I can’t even help myself in doing my daily life activities ,
I can’t afford the burden of going to the toilet by myself so, am always in need for help by someone else.“

WWR-Help GAZA Crisis medical aid fund…

Since the start of the Historic Great Return March 30/3/2018… Gaza has experienced an over whelming number of casualties.

Many as a result of having being shot by Israeli IOF snipers using exploding bullets (banned under International Law).
Over 150 unarmed Gazans have been killed outright and thousands have been wounded. Many now suffering life changing and catastrophic injury.

This is the case with Adham Khaled Alhajjar a 32yr Palestinian Journalist.
While covering the story of the Great Return March on the 6-4-2018, Adham was hit in the left leg with an exploding bullet fired by an Israeli sniper.
It is inconceivable that the sniper, could not have know that Adam ,who was clearly identifiable as a member of the press at the time was a journalist.
The exploding bullet tore through his flesh, muscle tendons and bone while critically damaging his knee.

From that day Adhams life has been cruelly changed forever.

Even the most basic tasks are now a huge struggle, he relies on help to get through the day and all movement is extremely painful. Although Gazas limited and overwhelmed health care system has done its best, Adham needs expert treatment.

He can only receive this in modern well equipped specialised hospital. He has been offered treatment and surgery for joint replacement in Germany, Heidelberg. This would dramatically help improve the extreme pain he suffers, his mobility and the future quality of his life.

For this WWR-Help aims to raise funding for Adham medical expenses and travel. WWR-Help is launching this special appeal and asking you to donate what ever you can.

With your help we can bring back some quality to Adhams life and hope.

He still has so much potential, he is still so young.
Please help us to help Adham get the medical treatment he so desperately needs.

We thank you for your help and we will assure you that your money will be transmitted 100%.
We cover all banking fees!  100% of your donation goes directly to Gaza!

How to Make an IBAN Payment From the USA
Log on to your bank account Web page and follow the instructions to make a wire transfer payment.  You’ll need to enter the beneficiary’s name, bank name and the amount of money you are sending. Specify U.S. dollars or a foreign currency.  Enter the IBAN number and relevant information as stated above.  You can also visit your bank in person if you’d prefer to send a donation. 

Thank you!

Janine Abuayyash
IBAN: DE21 6042 0020 9640 1638 41

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