Gaza Diary – Haseeb Asghar

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Gaza Diary – Haseeb Asghar

Palestine is that land that lies between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River in western Asia. Along with Egypt, Syria and Arabia, Palestine is in a strategic location and is the birthplace of the Abrahamic religions is in the region of religion, culture, commerce and politics for a long and rich history. Palestine was occupied several times by the ancient Egyptians, Canaanites, Philistines, the ancient Israelites, Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Muslims, Crusaders, Ottomans and finally the British. Palestine was an independent state whose capital was Jerusalem. The city of Jerusalem is sacred to Jews, Christians and Muslims Bait- al-Maqdis (Al- Aqsa) which is known as first QIBLA of Muslims is located here. Jerusalem, despite being so important for humanity, is being humiliated in Palestine, which has no example worldwide.


In the world there are nearly 30,000 organizations active in the fight for animal rights. Animal rights advocates are releasing funds and making billions of dollars to bring resolutions into law, but the defenseless and innocent people of Palestine are oppressed; worldwide organizations are blind about the Zionist massacres and brutal oppression that kills innocent women and children.


It said that it is a proven fact that whatever county, nation or religion a person belongs that there is an immense love for children no matter if the child of your enemy, whether it is your child or child of the enemy—children are children. For the children`s bright future everyone efforts according to his capabilities and try to provide all the luxuries of life but there is a region of the earth, the world knows the name of Palestine. Where the children and their childhood innocence has been removed by Israel, in such age they should be in school with fairy tale books, but they have toys of missiles, bullets and phosphorus bombs that kills them on daily basis.


Palestine is an unfortunate country in which human blood is cheaper than water. World peace candidate smoldering eyes from Palestine, as this is not the country of this world. Are not the children living here innocent? Their future? Their childhood? Children in other parts of the world are enjoying counter strikes and other video games, but the Palestinian children have been facing massacre since 1948. The children living in the Holy Land of Palestine do not have the basic needs of life. No gas. no electricity , no safe drinking water, no doctors, no medicine and nothing to eat. They are forced to live in refugee camps where there is nothing to eat in the harsh winter, and they have nothing to cover the bodies to stay warm. Aren’t these babies also the asset of world?? Their innocent childhood is being crushed, and their fate should be a concern for all peoples of the world. They do not have the lap of their mother but have monument of her grave. They do not have support of the compassionate father. but they have their father’s dead body. They do not have a sheltering home, only the debris of what was their home bombed by Israel. They do not have bread to eat, and the air they breathe is filled with toxic tear gas.


Gazans start their day mourning the death of their beloved. sorrow and anguish is written in the fate of Palestine, at any time during the day and night bombardment can begin. Palestine is the only country that has no army, it is a ruined country where graves outnumber homes, electricity is available here for few hours and there is nothing but mourning and death. Israeli soldiers can hunt anyone anywhere in Palestine and they are not held accountable anywhere in world. Gaza has schools, books and toys but everything telling stories about kindness of all the good of Israel. Is a tribute to those whose children are being slaughtered, whose houses are being burned, whose loved ones have been buried without shroud. However, they have not agreed to leave the Holy Land. They have no fear of death. This is Israel’s manifest failure.


The total area of the Gaza city is about 250 km; Israel has dropped thousands of kilograms of explosives on it, how kind of people are they? They are not concerned about the lives and the properties of the inhabitants of Gaza. Even so, in this fatal situation the the people of Gaza are thankful to Allah. In this case, will Israel be ashamed of their barbaric acts and massacres?


Actually, Israel is doing well, the people have lethal weapons.


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