Israel lines with Sweden over Paris, comments

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Here we see again like welcome this terrorist attack  comes Netanjahu. Heuses this situation to point to the supposed terror which would be committed in Palestine by the Palestinians.
It becomes also clear over and over again that the Israeli government reaches immediately to sharp criticism, their government should be pointed out in any form to the problem of the Palestinians.

However,never the less, this doesn´t exist only since yesterday.

Foreign minister of Sweden has to recognize quite right given that the decades of Palestinian /Israeli conflict are like a factor on the radicalization in the Middle East.
For it it was criticized of Israel sharply.

Who if not the world, Netanjahu may criticize who uses France for the signboard for his politics?

Must Netanjahu not change his forms asfirst and leave, finally, the government,as well as the occupied areas leave tohelp the people in Palestine to the life?
Not to forget that Sweden was the first EU country what recognized Palestine as an independent state.

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