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According to bad economic and social conditions and the increasing of unemployment rates in Gaza Strip, food unsafely is considered a long term problem affected by economic conditions. Gaza strip is considered one of the most crowded places in the world whereas no food security.
Which come as result to the obstacles imposed on the Palestinians living in Gaza Strip Such as siege, closure of the borders, health crises, fuel shortage, electricity crises, immobility for the farmers to go to their farmer, decreasing of wages and the increasing of unemployment rates.
Due to the previous mentioned points the recent studies declared that the situation in Gaza Strip is more difficult by three times than it is in the West Bank.

In Gaza Strip, the malnutrition spreads between people, especially, the children under 5 years old more than 50% of Gaza Children are malnourished.
“Gaza incurrence by drought, crops are not valid. The market is full of products, but the deliberate Israeli policy in demolishing the Palestinian Economy through imposing the closure policy affect negatively as natural disaster“
these word said by Beter Hanson, the general authorized for UN.

So that, WWR Association emphasize on reaching with Palestinian Citizen to the food security in order to contribute providing him a better condition to live and protect him from malnutrition.
According to recent studies made by Jerusalem and Heiketer Universities, The study shows that anemia between Palestinian children under five years is 19.7%

World Health Organization (WHO) mentioned in its report about this status with covered starvation. With other reports for the Agriculture and Food Organization to evaluate the food security in Gaza

Strip and West  Bank said despite flowing of the developmental and humanitarian aids from the local and international organization to these two areas, these aids is less than the expected and necessary  aids especially for the poor families.  Getting out from WWR role towards the Palestinian community we are looking to implement the Qurbani project where WWR distributes the meat to the poor and needy families in Gaza Middle Area Camps which considered the most marginalized area in Gaza Strip. Aiming at enhancing the social, economic and living statuses of the poor households during Eid al-Adha by providing them and their children with the pure, fresh meat which is expensive and cannot afford for it.


Project Objectives:

  • Enhancing the social, economic and living statuses of the poor households during Eid al-Adha by providing them and their children with the pure, fresh meat which is expensive and cannot afford for it.
  • Decreasing the burden on the Palestinian households who cannot afford buying meat for their children
  • Drawing Smile on the children faces and Entering the happiness to their families.


Description of the target group

This important project is to provide the needy and the Palestinian families that have children suffering from the dystrophy and anemia with meat. Depending on the database that the Association have which updated periodically.

The beneficiary from the project:

  • direct beneficiary :


The Majority of the Middle Area families live in very difficult circumstances as; orphans families, martyrs families and the needy families . All of them belongs to the refugee Palestinian families. Those families have been suffering since a long time and they still suffer from the bad economic situation. While their houses have been demolished by Israeli troops, we find their farms have been bulldozed.

Moreover, there are disabled children and children whom fathers captured in the Israeli prisons or even killed.

These families are 1250 from the Middle area belonging to the target group.

  • indirect beneficiaries:
  1. The families that benefit from the project.
  2. The local community (merchants and farmers).



N.O Category The amount Family number The kilo price by $ Amount
1. Veal 1250Kg 1250 8 10,000$
2. Cutting and pocketing fees S. L. S. L. 200 200$
3. Nylon pockets 1250 1250 150 150$
Total Amount 10,350$


Donation Account:


Janine Abuayyash
IBAN: DE21 6042 0020 9640 1638 41

Usage: Families


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