Eid Al-Adha

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Eid al-Adha WorldWide Resistance-Help e.V.

The children in the occupied Gaza Stripe have a right to education.

In a country where the human dignity of
Zionists is trampled and the country by the blockade of the world is cut off.
These people in Gaza are not on their own.

Many people from abroad use their strength and the will for it to give
Palestinians in Gaza feel not to be alone with their fears.

There live people who love their children and them Want to give security and knowledge.

Unfortunately, the desire by poverty the mothers and fathers braked fact them to allow schooling.
The war is omnipresent.

But when I ask the the children hear, whether they are likely to go to school as well as other children this earth also, to me is a heavy heart.

I can answer them only rarely. The pursuit of knowledge is in these angels from Gaza who are still so small large.

Your delicate faces, which are marked by war want to learn in spite of everything.

And how great is that Joy of families when they are told that this is by donations from abroad could be made possible.

Also this year were of people many, many donations for Gaza donated.

Of which could the WWR-Help Team for the little ones the much-needed school uniforms,

School bags, Textbooks, Pencils and exercise books to buy.

All this, what a child for lessons urgently is required.
The beaming, grateful and unbelieving eyes the children let me cry. As small as these treasures are, but already know them solidarity, you can get them.

They all want to be here to have your say thank their donors and from the heart.
Special thanks goes from the children to Willem Felderhof.

This excellent man and its entire team are daily with their thoughts are with the people of Gaza.

Willem is a great and self-sacrificing person when it comes to people in Gaza goes and is always ready to help them.

Thanks dear Willem …

these are the Acknowledgements the beaming children out Khan Younis and Beit Hanoun.

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