Abdullah a child from Khan Younis

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It was a beautiful child with a disability in the leg because of the war on Palestine

We are happy to met him and he was happy.

All are very welcome and we hope you are interesting in the children of Palestine Situation:
„Continued with the child shortly before the Abdullah family.

Give you thanks and love and appreciation to the woman who want help them.
They need a way to transfer a child home from school expenses.
It costs 70 euros each month transfer in the car.

Because he has no wheelchair because it costs wheelchair Superautomatic an expensive, baby clothing and health tools, and school needs because their economic situation is bad.
Because he has another brother injured in heart.

Child needs a monthly allowance of 150 euros.“

Who want also help the family please contact us : )
We organize all that you can help the boy.

Many many many thanks to Kubilay
„Allah bless him wonderful“

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