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Gaza „world of suffering“.

Gaza „world of despair„.

Gaza „world of oblivion“.

Gaza „world of rubble“.

We must not forget these people.

Many people from abroad to fight for the withdrawal of the Zionists in the occupied territories.

They demand Freedom for Palestine.

These and all the other dedicated this video. Look at them, what we can do everything with your help.

The children we have been able to allow the start of school new school supplies.

Eid al Adha was in September. Because of the situation in Gaza, few people can buy a piece of meat.

Our organization WWR-Help e.V. has made it possible for many families the feast of sacrifice

from Khan Younis and Beit Hanoun, a packed lunch with meat, with your help to donate.

Very big thanks „Wilhelm Felderhof“.

With his generosity, it is possible to send repeatedly

donations in the Gaza Stripe and to help the people there.

I want in this way again all friends of WWR-Help e.V.,

their friends and their friends turn to call,

not to allow the aid to the Gaza Stripe run dry. The winter is coming.

And the little ones in Gaza urgently need warm clothes and shoes.

The Gaza Strip is blocked by the Zionists.

All attempts to get donations in the Gaza will fail.

Neither medication, baby food, even clothing can be brought by our association in Gaza.

That is why we are committed to monetary donations.

All children and adults would like to thank in this way most warmly.

And also we would like as the donations club WorldWide Resistance-Help e.V. join us this much.

We will continue to document our work,

that you may have knowledge of the whereabouts of your donation.

Please re my Apell to all of you.

Call your friends and acquaintances to commit themselves to participate in our fundraising campaign.

Every euro counts, because this makes up the mass.

Thank you from the children from the Gaza Stripe,

whose tears were dried for a moment.

Cakes distribution through (cakes Khan Younis) project for families and children of the poor in Gaza A feeling of happiness by children Donate one euro to help the poor children of Gaza
The advantage of the project cakes Khan younis more than 25 poor family
Were distributed to 200 kilo cakes
These families have benefited from cakes several times
Prepare for the start of the second phase in the industry cakes and distributed to poor families
And will be sold part of cakes and profits will buy meat and food for these poor families
Donate to help these poor families
These families need assistance to the poor conditions they live in Gaza

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