Project Cake Khan Younis for Gaza

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Project Idea Cake Khan Younis in Gazastrip
The situation in Gazastrip

Families in Gaza are living under very bad conditions, there is a shortage of food, clothing,
electricity and water, life in Gaza simoly does not exist.

It was offered a very big help through the donor countries but there is the process of a major fraud and the absence of justice in the distribution of aid because they are part of the government and civil institutions who steal aid to be distributed to relatives and friends.

UNRWA provides food aid every three months, but this aid is only enough for two weeks to poor families

My experience in working in the previous period allowed me to work for small and medium-sized enterprises to provide these families a little help by collecting donations and funding from philanthropists and owners of compassionate hearts to provide these needs.

Among the projects to bake cakes is to provide children with a proper meal.

To distribute meat to the poor, because a lot of families in Gaza do not know meat for a long period of time To provide recreational trips for children to entertain theirself.

Also to provide food baskets to help families in daily life.
And to buy clothes and shoes for poor children I am also thinking in a small project in the Gaza Strip.

A restaurant or a pastrie bakery, build on the sale of products through the profit and to buy the needs of poor families and to make sure that on a monthly base 20 families can live for a long period of time.

This project is made to provide jobs for the unemployed, provides production and helps poor families for a long time. The idea is to let woman in the community make cakes and sell them on the market.

A part of the profit will go to poor families for food and clothing and a part will be used to sustain and develop the project. Advantages of the Project.

1. It will help people directly. Poor people can be fed and dressed.
2. The people running this project are doing something constructive. Most of the people in Gaza feel imprisoned in a hopeless situation. If they start up something initiated by themselves they will create future possibilities and therefore feel more secure and hopeful.
3. As soon as the project is running it will be self-sufficient.
4. More and more people will benefit from the project as soon the project will develop itself.
5. It is a project initiated by the local people of Gaza so it is tailored on their needs. ese people to give them a financiel boost to start up

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