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School Bags in Khan Younis

1. Introduction:
It is just several weeks and the holy Ramadan wants to come while.
Radiant children’s eyes
Through donations
Start of school in Gaza 2015.

Even the children in the occupied Gaza Strip
Have a right to education.
In a country where the human dignity of
Zionists is trampled with feet
And the country by the blockade of the world
Is cut off.
These people in Gaza are not on their own.
Many people from abroad
Put their strength and the will for it,
to the
Palestinians in the Gaza,
Not alone with their fears.

There live people,
Who love their children and them
Security and knowledge.
Unfortunately, the desire is through poverty
Of the mothers and fathers braked in it,

The war is omnipresent.
But when I ask the questions
Of the children heard whether they could go to school as well
As well as other children
This earth, too, I feel heavy heart.
I can rarely answer them.
The pursuit of knowledge
Is with these angels from Gaza, which are still so small,

Their delicate faces,
Who are drawn by war,
Want to learn in spite of everything.
And how big is that
Joy of the families when they get told,
That this is through donations from abroad
Could be made possible.
Also this year, many people,
Many money donations for Gaza donated.

Of this
The WWR-Help Team for the little ones,
The so urgently needed school uniforms,
School bags,
As well as school notebooks.
All this,
Making a child for teaching urgently
Is required.
The radiant, grateful
And disbelieving eyes
The children make me cry.
As small as these babies are,
They already recognize the solidarity,
Which are given to them.
They all want to speak
And thank their donor from heart.
Special thanks to the children goes on
Willem Felderhof.

This excellent man
and be
The whole team are daily with
Their thoughts among the people of Gaza.
Willem is a great and self-sacrificing person,
When it comes to the people in the
Gaza is and is always ready to help.
Thanks dear

These are the acknowledgments
The radiant children

The gazes still living very hard humanistic crises due to all the life of badly,
Especially the social, living, economic and medical aspects. According to the latest statistics from Palestinian Central Bureau
There is more than two million capital live in Gaza Strip,
These figures are based on the assumption that the number of people living in Gaza is 41.6%.
Moreover, government employees have not been paid
And no salaries at all since April 2014 then they get to 50% of their salaries or less till now,
This means more than a half of the society. Do not exist jobs so there is no source of income for them or
They receive salary barely can be enough for their food. In these hard circumstances,

The holy Ramadan is about to come
Who is living under the siege for years. And the poor are the most affected category in Gaza,
Especially those of high number of family members
And can not afford to buy their essential requirements of the holy month.
Thus, these families will be in need of humanitarian aid.
Thus proceeding from our humanitarian duty towards the affected and poor families,
The idea of ​​this project has come, hopefully we’ll be able to alleviate
The poorest families suffering.

2. Project Scope

This project is one of the most urgent, seasonal and relief projects fulfilled
By the Islamic Society in Jabaliya city
Every year during the holy month. This project aims to help the needy and poor families
By providing them with the basic needs during
The holy Ramadan
By distributing food parcels for these families

3. Project Justifications

(A) The Deterioration of the Living, a Social and Economic Situation in the Palestinian Society in General and
Gaza Strip in particular due to the closure of the commercial terminals.

(B) The increase in the number of the needy and the poor.
And increased the rates of poverty and poor.

(C) The Need for the Holy Ramadan.

(D) The high prices of the foodstuff are doubled due to the victories.

(E) The high rate of malnutrition among women and children due to the lack of protein and vitamin,
What is the rate of malnutrition? 59% among children,
Women and elderlies.

(F) Need to revive the spirit of solidarity
And compassion among Muslims and Palestinian people
by urging them to spend

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