provided Fireplace Gasheater in northern Gazastrip

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We visited 10 families

…in three cities poor neighborhoods of
Beit Hanun Beit Laiya Jabaliya in

Provided them Fireplace heater.

And 2 families we additionally with respectively 50 shekels Shopped foods.


It is really difficult for us to go into the slums, we can help at the moment only a few,
with reference to the small donations that arrive at our WWR-Help.

Figuratively you have to imagine it like this: We drive with our car in this slum and several times stopped by the poor people,
when it’s your turn for that we can help them.

It hurts us really know what we need to see. We then have to cancel the video recordings of the day and continue the next day.
We now can help just 10 families, gas heaters distributed to them, and supplies two families with the necessary most foods,
but there are many more families there who need help.

A man came to meet us, the syringe needs for his wife, by the wars that caused Israel in Gaza, many women have become sick,
which have become quite thick, the coagulation of them and can thus suffer heart attacks, even just Women who are pregnant.
2008 was a hit from every 100th woman, since the war in 2014, every second woman is concerned.

Egypt has until 08.08.2015 the borders, checkpoints open 6 days so that the medication costs are also drastig skyrocketed,
furthermore since been waiting more than 20,000 people who are suffering from cancer, heart disease and kidney disease,
the urgent treatment abroad need to get medical care, for example in Egypt, so far nothing has changed in this situation.

We can eV from the WWR-Help only several times to point out that if everyone would really donate only 1 Eur,
we could help many more people.

The 1 Eur saves lives. By clicking on Eur 1 WWR-Help eV to remit would not make determines
the whole household upside down. We require or do not want one person moderately donate money.

Please it is likely you.

WWR-Help Team

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