The WWR-Team cooperate with Society Jabalia-City

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Our Partner Organisation in Gazastrip Since July, 2016

As a partner organisation carries out the ISJ our projects in the region of Jabalia.
ISJ supports families in poverty and war.
The improvement of the life situation of the people belongs to the sighting in Gaza.

to auxiliary goods like food, clothes and medicaments.

Till present, unfortunately the donations aren´t sufficient yet, to seal flats before weather like rain or snow.
A lot of houses have been destroyed by the war 2014 in Gaza. ISJ is a registered a charitable association in the Gazastrip.
Tahany is our representative of ISJ in the Gazastrip.
She informs us about the course of the projects and sends us the results like video material and bills.
Always in a contemporary way within 2 weeks to.
We estimate ISJ as a reliable and trusting partner with those we work together successfully without problems.

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