Winterhelp 2016 in Jabalia in Gazastrip

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Gaza Need You

I am Janine Abuayyash founder of the non profit organization,
WorldWide Resistance-Help e.V.

We are actively cooperating with partner organization Islamic Society Jabalia in Palestine.

Supporting families, children and woman in poverty and war.

We provide war victims and unfortunate people with relief supplies such as food, clothing, school supplies and medicines.
Reflecting back on this year, a lot of good things have been done for the people of Gaza…

Therefore, I would like to thank all the people who, through their compasion, creative support and financial donation, you have made it possible for me to help the people of gaza in need and continue to give them the hope for the better future.

„My personal thank you for the good cooperation and generous support goes to:

Sekundarschule Jüchen 6a:

Selina, Regavy,
Sharon and Reza,
Telepizza Dormagen,
Bella Italia Grevenbroich,
all supporter from social network

Tahany Islamic Society Jabalia
Martin Kroll IT work,
Thomas Eggers Secretary,
Tayfun Duman Treasurer,
Sofiane Yousef Grafic,
Norah Rajouh Organization,…

Let`s continue to help the people in Gaza to get our supplies, relieve suffering, protect lives and give better health.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Janine Abuayyash

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