Winterhelp in Jabalia Gazastrip

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distributed blankets

We distribute blankets to the people in gazastrip
who live in a really extreme situation in Jabalia


visited Ibrahim Abdel Dayem in the near of Jabalia.
His family were Killed by the Israeli army in the Gaza War in 2014
and gave him the donation of Cornelia.

His words to us:

„Good afternoon from Gaza Strip Palestine.
Thanks to everyone who calls for peace and humanity and
protect the rights of children and women and poor families in Gaza
Thank you my love.
Today I received the donation.
God bless you.
Insha’Alla all your good works will come to you in the time.“

Here again many many thanks for your great work in gaza
our Islamic Society Jabalia Team.
We hope the work together will never end.
We love you all so much Tahany our sister in Gazastrip
Janine Abuayyash

We hope more people will help us to stop the
extreme situation for them in gazastrip.
You can help with one Eur so much there… think about this…
the feeling to see what you can make in really few steps
we can´t explain with one word,

We are so happy to see them smiling in the faces…

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