Here you can make a donation to WWR.

Janine Abuayyash
IBAN: DE21 6042 0020 9640 1638 41
Account Number: 640 163 841
Bank Identifikation: 6042 0020
Usage: WWR-Help Charity

This donation goes on a separate account, so that the donations don´t mix for the destitute.
We are also glad about sponsors, please you contact us.
Donation for our support for flyer costs, stickers and more.

Thus the donations are split:

We want to finance ourselves in 2 categories and we want to hold these donations completely clear publicly on the side.
At the moment topically:

1. WWR-Team, with these donations clothes and food are bought and distributed to poor people Gaza
2. Donation for our support for flyer cost, stickers and more.[/vc_column_text]