We are a private, non-commercial, politically untied or committed initiative of people of different ethnicity and religion who have made it their goal to help individuals in Gaza (with donations!) With the means at our disposal (donations only!) Medicines, accommodation, food, drink, clothing and much more, as well as financial support).

„Every euro can save lives.“

Here you can make a donation to WWR.

Janine Abuayyash
IBAN: DE21 6042 0020 9640 1638 41
Account Number: 640 163 841
Bank Identifikation: 6042 0020
Usage: WWR-Help Charity

This donation goes on a separate account, so that the donations don´t mix for the destitute.
We are also glad about sponsors, please you contact us.
Donation for our support for flyer costs, stickers and more.

Thus the donations are split:

We want to finance ourselves in 2 categories and we want to hold these donations completely clear publicly on the side.
At the moment topically:

1. WWR-Team, with these donations clothes and food are bought and distributed to poor people Gaza
2. Donation for our support for flyer cost, stickers and more.[/vc_column_text]