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Claudio Marty, from the USA, had his first business in his teens.  He began his career with his own construction business.  He eventually branched into the telecommunications arena, where he had built a record breaking sales organization, and also became one of the company’s top trainers, training thousands in the sales force.  Claudio also left a trail of successes working with other sales companies.  Later on, he delved into online marketing and sales, and has helped many Internet businesses succeed.

A family member died in one of the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center during the 9-11 attack, and Claudio became an activist soon afterward.  At first as a political activist for 10 years, then as a 9/11 Truth activist for the families who were victims of the 9/11 attack that are demanding a re-investigation.

Claudio is the founder of the worldwide grassroots campaign, I Am The Face of Truth – – which launched in December, 2013.   Thousands of activists from all over the world have joined the 9/11 awareness campaign, and the campaign has been endorsed by major advocates like Richard Gage of, the founders of as well as other notable major advocates.

Claudio and the team at I Am The Face of Truth have also been spreading the word about the Palestinian plight, and they are completely determined to help expose and end the tyranny against the Palestinian people.

Claudio has recently joined the team here at WWR-Help e.V. to assist with the funding effort underway, which seeks to help Palestinians who are lacking the basic necessities of life because of their current oppression.

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